120 Original Embroidery Designs

120 Original Embroidery Designs - By Yoko Saito, IN ENGLISH

Ms. Saito, a distinguished quilt artist, teacher and author in Japan, is most often

known for her beautiful quilt designs. In fact, she is a master at many different

handwork crafts. In this book, Ms. Saito has created embroidery patterns for

120 original designs. She often combines the embroideries with appliqué and

quilting to create what she calls “patchwork embroidery”. Like all of her work,

these designs are equally detailed and unique. In addition to the 120 embroidery

designs, she includes 20 “patchwork embroidery” projects that include bags, wall

hangings, keepsake boxes and more.


There are 120 original embroidery designs that consist of numbers, the alphabet,

floral designs, animals and more. In these projects, she combines patchwork,

appliqué and embroidery to create unique looks. The 225-page book is chockfull

of information, and in addition to talking about what kind of floss to use, it

includes detailed instructions for each embroidery stitch.


Approx. size 30cm x 21cm (11.75" x 8.25")

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