Its Friday here - happy weekend


We are preparing for a group of 12 quilters from New Zealand who are
travelling with a friend of mine Lesley Christiansen who hosts various
quilty tours to different destinations during the year. They arrive here on
Monday for a workshop with me here in the studio.
The goody bags are packed and the classroom is ready....roll on Monday.

I have been thinking about the fact that its Autumn in so many places of the world,
in my opinion its a very pretty season with all the different colours of the leaves and changing skies,
its not something that we get to see here in this part of the world.

Mending Fences is a fabric collection that I did with Lecien, it's a fun happy collection.
This pillow featuring a lovely pony whom I am sure has a sweet temperament,
stitched sunflowers and a tree is from my book 'Stitch It For Autumn'

which we have just got back in stock 

Beehive Needle Book is made from wool with appliqué and trimmed
with some of my handpainted buttons is a favourite with everyone.
Wen have put together some little starter bundles of fabrics with the buttons,
the pattern is separate.

This is Country Stars a quilt made using 'Mending Fences' which we thought we had
sold out of until we started Spring cleaning this week and found a 'lucky last' kit.
If you love the pattern its 'free to download' from my blog if you follow this link.

Gail who runs the office is busy making some 1" tumbling blocks, she is working with a
pack of our laser cut 6 pointed stars/diamonds and 1" pre-cut tradition papers.
The little blocks are looking very cute.

If you missed out on the last batch of Valdani Country Style
thread packs we have more arrived this week. I am addicted to working with these threads, 
the subtle variation of colour within each skein is wonderful when doing embroidery.

Last but not least here is a 'sneek peek' of my next fabric line (early 2017) which I am working with at
the moment trying to get samples ready for showing at Fall Quilt market in Houston next month.
As you can see Hugo has given the new quilt his seal of approval.

If you want to be the first to get my new fabrics then you might like to join 
my fabric club - here is the link to read more and to sign up if your interested.

Hope you all have a great weekend


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