Just another rainy Tuesday.....


Its raining here this afternoon, not heavily and not enough for our garden to be really happy but its raining.
The herbs that Quilt Sherpa and I planted recently are growing nicely - you really cant beat the
aroma and flavour of freshly picked herbs and as we both love cooking having our own herbs is essential.

We have been busy getting ourselves organised so that we can better serve you our online customers.
Summer who is always smiling is ready to answer any questions and pack your orders.
Here she is in the store room, as you can see all the boxes are labelled with the item
and the items 'sku' number so finding each fabric bundle, kit, button or pattern that you order is easy.

After Summer has picked all the items Gail then checks each order so we don't send you the wrong item! 

We have had a fun 'parcel' delivery week - we are not stocked up on our favourite Cottage Garden Threads...

Butter Side Up kits are now cut and packed. I took this great photo by simply walking out the
back of the warehouse down the alley and 'ta da' a very nice photo was taken!

This quilt is called 'Kiss Me Quick', we have just one kit left in the original fabrics-
The two Japanese ladies pictured are: far left, my friend Masako and one of her students
who made my quilt and entered it in an exhibition in Sapporo, Japan :)

We only have a handful of my new design printed calico bags left...did you get yours yet?

If you a garden lover either of the dirty hands/soil variety or (like me) of 
the needle and thread variety you going to love my stitchery quilt 'Green Thumb'.
I have used fabrics from my 'Stonehouse Garden' collection and
mixed them with Valdani embroidery threads = very pretty combination

We have kits for Green Thumb that include the fabrics and patterns.

you can add extras, such as 

'Stitch The Day Away' in March 2017 with my guest Anni Downs has been 
booked out for months with many ladies on a waiting list so by popular 
request we have added and extra day, news has got out fast about this extra day. We only
have a limited number of places left.

If your interested in joining Anni and I on Monday 13th March 2016,
follow this link or here is the info and booking form.

Roxanne's Glue Baste IT is also back in stock

With thanks to my supervisor Fatcat, who this afternoon who spent the entire time
sleeping in the armchair next to me and only woke to help with a spell check!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us 07 5450 7497 or via email sales@littlequiltstore.com.au

bye for now


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