Stilettos and Spools....


There is something I love about animals in general, I dont mind if they are wild,
farm or domestic - they bring me lovely feeling peace whenever I am near them -
do they do the to you?


Animals have featured in my designs regularly (in case you hadn't noticed!).
This is one of my early designs called 'On The Farm', which I lovingly hand quilted
- I cant believe with 4 young children I had time to hand quilt - but I did!
The pattern is still available and amazingly we still offer the
hand painted face pack which includes a handmade carrot button for the scarecrows nose.
We dont have a fabric kit available but as you can see you just need some creams for the background and some borne and red prints for everything else. 

A more recently designed farm quilt is 'Anderson's Farm', its been so exciting for me to
see blocks and finished quilts pop up around the globe. We have
fabric kits available for this quilt which are in the fabrics you see here and
are available with or without the pattern set.

This was one of the gorgeous 'Anderson's Farm' quilt tops that was brought to be shown
to me when we were at the show in Nantes, France. 
I love the green that has been used, it really changes the whole feel of the quilt.
Its such a pretty quilt.

It was such a pleasure to meet this lady whom I had been emailing with and such
a lovely surprise to meet her and to see her quilt top completed - take a
closer look and you will see all the fun additions she has added to her 'Anderson's Farm'.

We just had a new delivery of these gorgeous stilettos, a pretty gadget I cant live without now. 
If like me you find the last bit of fabric twists to the side when your machine piecing.
You can use the stiletto to guide the last bits of fabric under the foot and it really helps keep everything straight.

Today we have been busy using the laser cutting to cut the personalised spools for members of the
Valdani thread/floss club which if your already joined up is shipping today.
If you would like more info please follow this link.

The Valdani threads are very gorgeous, hand dyed, colour fast and I adore the subtle shading of
colours within each skein. I use the 6 ply stranded cotton.
If the Valdani Thread club isn't for you then we have also have packs which contain
20 of my most used colours.

 Looks like these two think its time for some TV watching,
I guess I had better go and cook diner and then we can join them!

bye for now

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