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Valdani Thread Pack - Country Style Quilting


Valdani and Lynette have come together to create a special pack of Lynette's most used thread colours. The pack contains 20 different 6 ply stranded embroidery floss, each skein has 10 yds thread on it.

#P4 Aged white
#P8 Old rose
#P10 antique violet 
#JP12 seaside - currently JP11 as Valdani are out of stock of JP12
#078 aged wine 
#P5 tarnished gold 
#0511 black sea 
#0575 crispy leaf 
#O578 primitive blue 
#O154 antique gold 
#H212 faded brown 
#031 tealish blue 
#0503 garnets 
#O512 chimney dust - currently H210 as Valdani out of stock O512
#O514 wheat husk 
#0518 dusty leaves 
#O519 green olives 
#O539 evergreens 
#O548 blackened khaki 
#8103 withered mulberry

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