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Fabric Hexagon - 1/2" laser cut - Stonehouse Garden


This pack contains 200 x 1/2" (finished size) laser cut fabric hexagons.

These hexagons are cut from 25 prints of Lynette Anderson's fabric range 'Stonehouse Garden'. 

Hollyhocks, daisies and bluebells gently blow in the breeze in this garden inspired fabric collection. Stonehouse Garden with its mixture of tiny prints and Lynette Anderson's signature subtle shading which she has given names that connect with nature - birch, hazel, stone and eggplant. 

Sweet scattered motifs on the feature print give you a peek into the secret world of Stonehouse Garden where there are iron seats, buzzing bees, the potting shed, birdbaths and pretty flowers around. 

*Pack only includes pre cut fabric hexagons. Per cut paper hexagons are sold separately.

Please note: these pre-cuts are cut using a laser cut machine and therefore have a brown tinge around the edges. As you will be turning them under you will therefore not see this when finished.

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