Santa's Blessing kit

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This kit contains approx. 3.5m of fabrics for the quilt top, colour pattern and hand painted carrot button for the Snowman nose and a hand painted gum nut for the snowman pipe. Wev have selected a regular cotton print from Lynette's Bread and Butter collection for the background rather than a linen.

You will need to add:-

7 assorted vintage buttons for snowman
16 x 5mm tiny buttons, eyes
2 x 5mm blue buttons Santa’s eyes
2 x 7mm black buttons Snowman’s eyes
6 small beads Snowman’s mouth
Embroidery Threads to match fabrics
Fusible Webbing
Thin fusible wadding
Binding Fabric
2.6m Backing Fabric (see related product below for fabric suggestion)
Template Plastic

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