Chateau Hexagon

Chateau Hexagon is a delightful design based on the lovely Chateau de Bessey in France where Lynette's friend and quilt shop owner Françoise and her husband Philippe live.


Each block within this sweet quilt which finishes at approx. 26" x 37" has a scene from the Chateau's gardens. Techniques include stitchery, applique, simple piecing and combined with the lovely hand painted in Australia buttons makes this quilt an heirloom of the future.
Here you will find, fabric starter bundles, the pattern, handpainted or raw wood buttons, the lace and ric rac trim for the chateau roof and around the pond), stitchery stabiliser for the backing of your blocks, paper hexagons for traditional EPP (English paper piecing) or the exciting new 'leave in' water soluble hexies, glue pens and more!

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us and ask.

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Chateau Hexagon Kit


Chateau Hexagon - pattern


Chateau Hexagon Fabric Bundle


Chateau Hexagon - Country Garden Button Pack


Chateau Hexagon Hand Painted Buttons


Chateau Hexagon - Download pattern


Chateau Hexagon - Lace and Ric Rac


Hexies 1/2" water soluble


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