Valdani Floss Club

You can start this club anytime.
You will collect 10 different floss/thread colours each month for a year, ending up with 120 floss/thread colours in total, ranging from the subtle muddy colours that I love and including some of the brighter colours that Emma loves to use. 
As a bonus, for the first month only each person will receive 10 of sweet spools personalised with your first name. After month one personalised spools will be available in packs of 10 for Valdani Floss Club members only at an extra cost of A$ 26.00 per pack.
*Please note that we require one month's notice in writing if you wish to cancel this program as we order the threads one month in advance. Should you decide to cancel after the first month then you will be required to pay A$ 26.00 for the personalised spools you have received as a free gift for joining the club for a year.

Join with us and have the fun of collecting your Valdani floss each month *PLUS get the bonus 10 'free' personalised spools with your first month's package. Once you have joined the club, we will send you a sign-up form via email for future months or download the booking form. 
$ 55.00 + GST for Australian customers each month for 12 months plus postage.

If you would prefer to have all the threads at once to save postage please email us for more information.

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Valdani Floss Club


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